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Making it easy        


Simple things like winding a jockey wheel or changing a type can be difficult for some of us, particularly the elderly caravanners.  There are some solutions and aids for caravanners. 


Easy to use jockey wheels and a-frame jacks for caravans


Bos electric drill powered jockey wheel, for use with wheel or plate


Trail-a-mate hydraulic jockey wheel,  for use with wheel or plate

Electric powered caravan movers


Caravan Movers


 Aussie Wheel


Camper Trolley


Purple Line on Caravans Plus EGO200 and Caravans Plus Enduro EM 4445.


Easy Hitch have a selection of powered caravan movers to choose from to suit your caravan.


Reich: MoveControl Caravan / Trailer Mover - Single Axle - ECO Mover


Reich: MoveControl Caravan / Trailer Mover - Twin Axle - ECO Mover.


Powrtouch remote control caravan mover appears to no longer have an Australian website.  It may still be available in the United Kingdom. 


Powered jockey wheels


Mini Mover Powered Jockey Wheels; there are a number of motorised jockey wheels on eBay, but most are not suitable for heavy caravans, soft or sloping surfaces.  One linked for random example only.  Do an eBay search for current listings of similar.


Optitec jockey wheel




BOS Econo Mover - powered by your electric drill


Trailer Valet come in two model, to suit trailers up to 4.5 tonne.  This is a geared manual powered mover which can be powered from an electric drill.



Hitching up made easy


To aid hitching for solo travellers or make it easy on partners, a rear view camera at the back of the vehicle can be used. 


Couplemate hitching guide that can be purchased from Caravans Plus


A ratchet jockey wheel can be used for finer movements. 


The Easy Hitch Jockey Wheel is a manual powered jockey wheel caravan mover.


Some hitches are easier than others with some off road non ball hitches needing precision. 


These hitches may have benefits over other articulated hitches for ease of use 

Hittch Ezy and  Oz Hitch


The following methods of moving a caravan for parking can be a bonus for hitching up, even on your own.


Jacking up to change a tyre


Save crawling under the caravan to place a jack in the chassis by using a trolley jack.  Alternatively make it easy with Trail-a-mate jack or Trail-a-mate sidewinder jack.



Levelling aids


Autosteady is a 12 volt Electric Remote Control System for your Caravan that attaches to your current Hexagonal drive wind down style or drop down corner stabilisers.


Ezylevel is available from this and a number of other caravan parts suppliers,


See demonstration of Ezylevel



Use a portable electric drill to wind down stabilisers or


Trail-a-mate hydraulic stabilisers


Tyre lifter


Not really suitable for large 4wd tyres, but manageable


Easy Wheel lift from Auto accessory stores or on line disocunt stores.

Very compact when packed away in its case.


Hahn Eezy Wheel Lifter





Wind up Campers


Do you have a manual windup camper that is hard to use?  Substitute a geared boat winch for the winder, or a 12 volt electric winch. 



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