Hints and Tips
This page groups numerous articles and tips to keep your journey simple and safe. Go to each section for a full index of what is contained therein.

Australia So Much to See


Starting out includes: Choosing a rig to suit you, Resources to help you choose a good caravan, What are the options? Which fridgeShower and toilet or no bathroom? Toilets - what about chemicals or additives? what about Power?, Heating and cooling? Washing machine? how much Water? Grey water tanks? Annex? Rear view camera? and more.  See different types of Stone deflectors,What to pack, Hire or buy? and much more

How will you travel?  Hints for those who travel solo, in a group or convoy, with children or with pets and travelling with a disability

Communications including mobile and satellite telephones, UHF channels, GPS 

Keeping camping simple, easy and low impact - lots of tips and ideas

Keeping costs down - lots of hints

Many more hints: Including Travelling to Tasmania, Using Generators and Packing Light

This website is growing as new and updated information and hints are added.  Please visit again.
Trip planning and Safety; including Passes and Permits, Full Time on the Road, Finding Work, Finding Voluntary work, Road conditions,First Aid
Food, cooking and refrigeration
Quarantine and exclusion zones
Pages of ideas and tips to help make your Australian travels easy and enjoyable.
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