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What are readers saying about Australia So Much to See?

I have been perusing your fantastic web site. I would like to thank you for the enormous amount of work you have put into it, it is definitely going to be my caravan bible for info.


Gordon D

I have just spent the past few hours surfing your website and as a long time caravanner, I thought that I just had to congratulate you on the work that you have put into this site.

I will recommend it to other people in the "Grey Nomad" field that I know.

Keep up the good work.



I have just found your site and it has to be the best site that I have found on the net, I am now telling all my friends about it.


Thanks for a very great site it is going to be a great help for me next year as I am going to go around Australia in a motor home



Firstly, we would like to convey our heartiest congratulations on such a wonderful and extremely informative internet site ďAustralia so much to see".


We have just lightly scanned thru the site and it is fantastic. More in depth study to follow.

No doubt you have put many hours into compiling such an informative site. 


I would highly recommend this site to all and sundry who are in or thinking of camping and caravanning.  We have saved the site and many of the other articles under sub headings for future reference.


Again, MH, excellent reviews and info. 


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Just wanted to say thank you for such a great informative website. Am doing a trip to the Kimberley in two weeks and this has given me so much information around food without a fridge/cooler.


Great to finally find something that actually gives practical ideas.


Yours is the one site that I am totally comfortable in sharing as valuable information and will keep in marked for future reference and recommendation to others.


Rob Smith 

Thank you for your time an effort on your website. We are planning the big trip at present.

Thank you and love your work!


Chuffy Broughy's

I love your internet site, so much detail, love it
Ron Evans
I am nearly at retirement age, and looking forward to heading off, but not before I follow your advise on buying a caravan.
We love reading all about your travels and advise, excellent reading thank you.
I LOVE it. So informative and brilliant advice. A wonderful resource for anyone keen to see Australia
Rona Chadwick

I have been planning a trip and love reading your blogs and getting some great information. 




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Thought I would give credit where its due.  Iím just retired panelbeater and didnít know  camping other than a tarp and sleeping bag, have now purchased a van and your pages have enlightened me immensely. Thanks and regards.


Kerry Cooper

Just love your site.  Travelled for 8 years full time, now still travel but have a base. 90% free camp so we can enjoy the beauty of this country and also by keeping costs down can travel for longer.   Keep up the info, just love the site. Thank you.                                                            

Lynley and Des Kennedy


I stumbled on your site yesterday and think it is a fantastic resource for any traveller.


Dave and Mary



I thought I should drop a note of appreciation for your website.


We used the information when setting up a couple of years ago and before taking off on the first big lap last year.


This year we seem to have travelled similar roads, the south coast of WA, South Oz etc. I have just enjoyed catching up and comparing notes.


Many thanks for sharing with the rest of us and safe travels.




Thanks for all your help. When I was researching and preparing for this three year overlanding through Australia I used for website so much.
You have no idea how much it was appreciated. Now 16,500 kilometres later.  
Travellers Nest NZ

Thanks for providing the printable UHF CB channel frequencies chart. It was just what I was looking for. :-)


Bob Parker