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tn_agrostocrinum_hirsutumdscf1099.jpg tn_agrostocrinum_hirsutum_dscf1045.jpg tn_alyxia_buxifolia_m_dscf0549.jpg
Agrostocrinum hirsutum, Blue Grass Lily, has hairiness evident on buds and stems (see at right). 
Agrostocrinum scabrum, False Blind Grass, is similar but lacking the hairs. 
Several purple-blue flowers with six petals and a maroon tassel centre on each stem, with a clump from a base. Each flower appears to last a day. 
Bridgetown, South West Region, Western Australia
Alyxia buxifolia Dysentery Bush, Sea Box, Darljirru
Five petal small white flowers on a low shrub.  Petals have slightly spiral appearance
Marchagee Nature Reserve, Wheatbelt Region, Western Australia and occurs through the Mid West, Wheatbelt, Great Southern and Goldfields regions

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tn_allocasuarina_humilis_m_img_4285.jpg tn_allocasuarina_humilis_cones_img_4207.jpg
Allocasuarina humilis, Dwarf Sheoak, Dwarf Casuarina (female plant above, spent cones below left and male pollinators below)
A small Sheok shrub with red fluffy flowers growing along the stems
Bridgetown, South West Region, Western Australia and occurs in areas through the Gascoyne, Mid West, Wheatbelt, Great Southern and Goldfields regions, ranging from Shark Bay to Esperance 
tn_adenanthos_obovatus.jpg tn_adenanthos_o_dscf5724.jpg
Adenanthos barbiger, Hairy Jugflower
This is a tiny plant for Adenanthos, a medium shrub from the Proteaceae family, which includes Grevillea.  Single red flowers interspersed with elongated leaves.
Busselton Nannup area in the South West, Western Australia and it occurs through the Augusta-Margaret River, Busselton and Nannup areas.  Also in areas around Perth. 
Adenanthos obovatus, basket flower
A medium somewhat sprawling shrub with orange Grevillea like flowers between the rounded leaves along the stems
May to December
Bridgetown, South West, Western Australia and widespread in the South West, Great Southern and Perth regions and into the Western Wheatbelt.

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Sources used for identification of wildflowers shown on these pages and regions where they occur see Credits
These pages will feature some of the wildflowers we have photographed in Western Australia, and where possible, identified.  If you are able to help identify further flowers, or correct any I may have wrong, please contact us.
Information given for each species will give botanical name, known common names, describe the flower, give time of year it flowered, and where it was photographed, and the areas it occurs in.  Names have been matched to Florabase which has also been used to show distribution.
See some of these wildflower in larger sized photos on our Flickr pages.
tn_agrostocrinum_hirsutum_dscf1466c.jpg 341_adenanthos_obovatus_dscf8424.jpg 341xallocasuarina_humilis_dscf8835c.jpg tn_acacia_dscf0673.jpg tn_acacia_img_1989.jpg tn_acacia_pb_dscf0663.jpg
Acacia trees of different species
Acacia pycnantha, Golden Wattle being the most common. Alien to Western Australia
Yellow small fluffy balls in clusters
Cordering area, Wheatbelt Region, Western Australia and various tree wattles occur throughout the state
The two different wattle tree species above were taken at
Pumphreys Bridge, Wheatbelt Region, Western Australia
Acacia stenoptera, Narrow Winged Wattle
A small plant with spiny modified leaves from a thickened stem.  Buds are yellow and soft fluffy blossoms are white and tipped with yellow pollen
Bridgetown, South West region, Western Australia and occurs throughout the South West, and much of the Wheatbelt, Mid West and Great Southern regions
Please note that Acetous vesicaria, Ruby Dock, Rosy Dock, Bladder Dock (formerly Rumex vesicarius) has been returned to the Rumex genus, and can now be seen listed under R.  Alien to Western Australia