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Sources used for identification of wildflowers shown on these pages and regions where they occur see Credits
These pages will feature some of the wildflowers we have photographed in Western Australia, and where possible, identified.  If you are able to help identify further flowers, or correct any I may have wrong, please contact us.
Information given for each species will give botanical name, known common names, describe the flower, give time of year it flowered, and where it was photographed, and the areas it occurs in.  Names have been matched to Florabase which has also been used to show distribution.
See some of these wildflower in larger sized photos on our Flickr pages.
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Lechenaultia biloba Blue Leschenaultia
A vivid blue, although colours can vary according to soil types. Five petals with three large and two small, crinkly appearance due to shape and colouration of petals.  A low growing bushy plant with prolific flowers.
Bridgetown, South West Region, Western Australia and found through the Mid West, Wheatbelt, South West and Great Southern regions
Lechenaultia linarioides Yellow Leschenaultia  
Yellow and peach Lechenaultia flowers on a shrub of around a metre in height.
Lancelin and Port Gregory in the Mid West, and found in the coastal strip from Shark Bay to Perth, Western Australia
tn_labichea_punctatadscf5371.jpg tn_labichea_punctatadscf5369c.jpg tn_labichea_lanceolata_gr_dscf0487.jpg tn_lachnostachys_eriobotrya_m_dscf0569.jpg
Labichea lanceolata Tall Labichea, Cassia, Senna, Spiny Butterfly Bush 
A large shrub with Yellow flowers consiting of four overlapping yellow petals.  There are maroon markings on the top petal.  Elongated leaves give rise to the name
A long flowering season centred on Spring
Greenough River, and grows from Shark Bay to Perth and from Albany to Esperance, through the Mid West and Wheabelt, and along the south coast.
Lachnostachys eriobotrya Lambswool Bush, Lamb's Tails
Deep purple flowers in groups along a the stem, with a wooly  white calyx, on a small shrub.
Marchagee Nature Reserve, and found through the Mid West and coastal areas of the northern Wheatbelt regions with scattered occurences inland
Labichea punctata, Lance-leaved Cassia
A small prostrate shrub with tiny pale yellow flowers consisting of four petals.  Elongated leaves.
Late September to October
Bridgetown, South West Region, Western Australia and found through the South West, into the Great Southern to Albany, around Perth and surrounding Wheatbelt, and north from Perth along the coast to Leeman
Laxmannia squarrosa
A very tiny plant with white cluster flowers forming a pompom head.  Flowers have three petals with three sepals interspersed between them, and six stamens.
Bridgetown, South West Region, Western Australia and found throughout the South West and Great Southern regions, through the Wheatbelt including north of Perth and along the south coast to Esperance

Why Lechanaultia not Leschenaultia?


This Genus is named for the botanist attached to the Baudin expedition to Australia, Jean Baptiste Leschenault de la Tour. Robert Brown had met Leschenault and assumed to spell his name the French way without the 's'. However, Bentham introduced the German spelling with the 's' and subsequent writers followed suit as the name was written Leschenaultia, but reverted to Robert Brown's spelling in the 1950s. The common names of the species maintain the 's' as Leschenaultia.   Ref:Wikipedia 

Leptoceras menziesii, Rabbit Orchid 
A small orchid with two white downward pointing petals, a pink topped petal shielding the labellum, and two narrow upright dark maroon antenna-like petals forming the "rabbit ears" 
Bridgetown, South West Region, Western Australia and found through the through the south west corner of the state between Lancelin and Albany, Great Southern, Perth and Wheatbelt regions, and along the south coast to Esperance.
tn_leptoceras_menziesii__rabbit_leaves_dscf9703.jpg tn_leptoceras_menziesii__rabbit_dscf9694c.jpg
Lambertia inermis, Chittick
A tall shrub with erect branches, with clusters of orange tubular flowers.   
Near Munglinup and occurs near the south coast between Albany and Esperance, and extending into the Southern Region.
Leptospermum erubescens, Roadside Teatree
Pale five petalled pink tea tree flowers on a tall shrub.
Near Gnowangerup, and ranges through much of the South West, Great Southern and Wheatbelt regions, and occurrences through the Goldfields and part of the Mid West regions.     
Leptosema aphyllum Ribbon Pea (formerly Brachysema aphyllum or leafless Brachysema) Ribbon Pea
Bright red sickle shaped pea flowers on a flat leaved plant.
Nanson, Mid West, Western Australia and is found in the northern Wheatbelt, Mid West region and as far north as Shark Bay