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Sources used for identification of wildflowers shown on these pages and regions where they occur see Credits
These pages will feature some of the wildflowers we have photographed in Western Australia, and where possible, identified.  If you are able to help identify further flowers, or correct any I may have wrong, please contact us.
Information given for each species will give botanical name, known common names, describe the flower, give time of year it flowered, and where it was photographed, and the areas it occurs in.  Names have been matched to Florabase which has also been used to show distribution.
See some of these wildflower in larger sized photos on our Flickr pages.
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Macrozamia riedlei Zamia (a Cycad which grows throughout the south west of Western Australia)
Male and female flowers, fruit filled with initially bright orange seeds like small eggs.  The vibrant colour fades.
Plant toxic to cattle.  Outer coating of seed used by Aborigines after treating.  In some areas, Aborigines ground the seeds into a flour after special treatments to leach out the toxins.  Early settlers were poisoned trying them.  See more here
Bridgetown, South West Region, Western Australia and occurs through the South West from Perth to Albany
tn_zamiacone200115.jpg tn_melaleucahuegeliidscf0060.jpg tn_melaleuca_dichroma__k__dscf0120.jpg tn_melaleuca_nematophylla_m_dscf0559.jpg tn_melaleuca_nematophylla_m_dscf0560.jpg
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Melaleuca dichroma (previously known as Melaleuca virgata)
A fluffly flower which opens in white, and developes through shades of yellow and apricot, on small shrub
Kalbarri, Mid West region, Western Australia, and occurs between Kalbarri and Perth, and into the northern Wheatbelt
Melaleuca huegelii Chenille Honeymyrtle
A mainly white honeymyrtle flower which protrudes above the foliage of the shrub, and flowers progressively open up to the tip of the bud
Lancelin, and occurs in the coastal sandplains from Shark Bay to Augusta
Melaleuca nematophylla Wiry Honey-myrtle
Round pink fluffy flowers on a low growing shrub with needle like leaves.  This specimen as at the end of its flowering season and browning off  
Marchagee Nature Reserve and occurs through the mid West, northern Wheatbelt and into the Goldfields region
tn_zamiaseedsdscf3820.jpg tn_yellowatsandstone2.jpg
Maireana convexa Mulga Bluebush
Pale yellow flowers with petals overlapping or joined to make a circle on a small bush with succulent slender leaves.
Sandstone, Mid West region, Western Australia and found through the Mid West and Gascoyne and into the Goldfields and desert areas. 
Melaleuca uncinata, Broom Honeymyrtle, Broom Bush
The small shrub above has pale yellow wattle blossoms with short slender leaves.
Mullewa, Mid West region, Western Australia and occurs in the Esperance - Goldfields region and scattered occurrences through the Wheatbelt and Mid West
Mirbelia spinosa
Yellow and red small pea flowers, predominantly red and close together down long stems with very tiny leaves and longer spines along the stems, on a low to the ground bush.
Lancelin, west coastal Wheatbelt, Western Australia and found Hough the Mid West, Wheatbelt, South West and into the Great Southern regions, with isolated occurrences in the Goldfields and Pilbara
Marianthus sylvaticus  
Dainty five petalled small lilac blue flowers faintly striped and with prominent stamens on a twining vine.  Narrow elongated leaves alternated sparsely on upright or twining vine.  Note the leaves in this photo from Bossiaea ornata that it is climbing on. 
Bridgetown, South West Region, Western Australia and  occurs in the lower South West from Bridgetown to the coast at Denmark and Albany, with a specimen from Armadale in Perth 
Melaleuca thymoides
A low growing shrub with pale yellow round blossoms and short leaves.
Bridgetown, South West region, Western Australia and occurs from around Perth, coastal side of the the South West, lower Great Southern and coastal areas to Esperance. Some has been found further inland into the Wheatbelt
Melaleuca lanceolata, Rottnest Island Tea Tree
A large shrub with flowers like a white bottle brush near the ends of the stems
Augusta in the South West of Western Australia, and found widespread near the coast from the Peron Peninsula around to the South Australian Border, and inland through the Wheatbelt, Goldfields and parts of the Great Southern regions. 
Mesomelaena tetragona, Semaphore Sedge
A flat leafed sedge with flower heads which have a long point at top and bottom, hence the name Semaphore.
Albany, Great Southern region, Western Australia, and common near the coast from Geraldton to Esperance, and through the south west corner of the state.
Melaleuca tuberculata
Round pink fluffy flowers on a low growing shrub withlight coloured small oval leaves along the stems. 
Near Munglinup and found along coastal areas of the Goldfields, southern Wheatbelt, through the Great Southern and adjacent parts of the South West regions