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Motoring Organisations in each State of Australia


Membership of the organisation in the state where your principal home is will give you coverage Australia wide through reciprocal arrangements.   They may also cover you if you have membership of an overseas motoring organisation.  Phone 131111 Australia wide for breakdown assistance.  If you are using a phone on an international network, you need to use the international +61 when dialling roadside assist.  See options for those with hearing impairment hereunder. 


For more details about what is covered when towing and the options with each organisition, see Motoring Organisations Roadside Assist.


Western Australia

RACWA Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia  

For those with hearing impairment, you may use 0434 182 877 for SMS only. 


South Australia

RAA Royal Automobile Association of South Australia  

For those with hearing impairment, you may use 0427 131 110 for SMS only. 



RACV Royal Automobile Club of Victoria  

For those with hearing impairment, contact RACV to make special arrangements.



RACQ Royal Automobile Club of Queensland  

For those with hearing impairment, you may use 0427 131 111 for SMS only.


Northern Territory

AANT Automobile Association ofNorthern Territory  

For those with hearing impairment, you may use 0427 131 110 for SMS only. 


New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

NRMA National Roads and Motorists’ Association

Deaf or hearing impaired enquiries 0437 13 11 11 for SMS Only.



RACT Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania  


Weather links

Satellite image over Australia


Radar – select image nearest to you to see where rain is falling and approaching.  Select your state and pick from the variety of different reports and weather predictions. 


Check for cyclones or other weather alerts and warnings


Flood levels www.bom.gov.au/qld/flood


Elders weather; for a simple overview of the week to come put in the postcode or town name for the area you want to check


Other weather report sites include Weather Zone

Internet user useful links
Personal travel websites and blogs we follow

Can't get an internet site?  Check if the site is down or if the problem lies within your computer on

Down for everyone or just me?


Have you been targeted for a scam?  Here is where to find how to report it; whether you have been tricked into parting with money or not at Report a Scam  


Been sent an email about the latest miracle sure, computer virus, missing child or any of the other stories that circulate en masse?  Check it out on Snopes or Hoax Slayer.  If forwarding jokes or information emails to groups, delete all previous email addresses from within the text, and place the email addresses of those you are sending on to in Blind Copy, sending the email to yourself in Sender.  Ensure that your friends actually want to receive this type of email.  They may be travelling and on limited download and find an email with a lot of spectacular photos just too much.  Sending unsolicited emails is an offence in Australia. 


Images like this can be included in your emails.


Useful websites for travellers for information and fun

Australian Country Traveller is an eco-friendly e-magazine presenting destinations, information and tips for all Australian RV tourers


Offroading Online Magazine showcases events, destinations and road trips for the camping, caravanning and off-roading enthusiast at Offroading Online


Read the latest news on all things related to caravanning and camping at Caravanning News


Good self help articles for caravan owners


Find out about time zones and daylight saving in Australian states and regions


Where is that vehicle from? Registration plates from the different states


Sentinel monitors fires by heat, and is a good guide for travellers when in an area where bushfires are out of control. 


Australian Extremes.  Ever wondered which is the longest river or the hottest place? Extremes of geography, climate or buildings?


See other pages for more Australian facts.   


If you trip planning includes visiting the extreme compass points of Australia see Extreme points of Australia


Geoscience Australia forPlace name search, Sunrise and sunset times, phases of the moon, natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.   


Which roads are the longest roads in Australia


Love visiting Waterfalls?  Complete with photographs, this site covers most of Austalia's waterfalls as well as waterfalls around the world.


Read about Australian Explorers.  Many of the places and geographical features you pass have been named after these explorers.   


For history, biographies, as well as up to date information about towns, features and campgrounds in Western Australia, there is lots to read on Western Australia Now and ThenHint: Do not use an Ad Blocker to access this website.


Ever wondered where those strange names in Western Australia came from?  Origins of Western Australian town names


South Australian town Origins of names in South Australia.


For values and specifications of vehicles see Red Book 


For a guide to prices for used caravans, motorhomes and campers see Caravan Camping Sales


Australian Getaway for maps, directions and other travel information.


Free downloadable maps of main roads in Western Australia, including maps of Perth, Fremantle and Mandurah.  These are ideal for trip planning but do not include minor roads.  Landgate free maps


Older Versions of software can be downloaded from this source.




Gone Bush in a Bushtracker  Go bush with Gone Bush

Some madcap outback adventurers getting well and truly off the beaten tracks

Livin' on the Road: Travelling Australia in a caravan with four kids under ten

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Frosty's Aussie Adventures: Australian travels with lots of photos

The Rovings and Ravings of The Innkeepers

A trip around Australia with Cuppa and Mrs Tea

Around the Campfire with Ron and Shirl

NiknOff  Touring and fishing around Australia
In addition to the above personal travel websites "Places we have visited" on the Caravanners Forum has a wealth of travelogues and photos.
Travel Journals in the My Blog section on ExplorOz contains many travel blogs contributed by members.
With personal touches, these websites are good for trip research over and above regular tourism websites. 
Leigh and Mita's travels

Frank and Brenda's adventures  Travelling through Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania

A place in the sun  A website about caravanning, kayaking, cycling, scuba diving featuring beautiful photography 

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Whne travelling during summer, be alert for bushfires in that area.  Alert status will show the level of risk.
Where to find alerts online.  Be aware that if you are using mains power, power is often lost whe a fire is on the area. 
New South Wales
Austalian Capital Territory
South Australia
Western Australia and the new Emergency WA website
Northern Territory
An overview from these sites can be seen on the Early Warning Network website


The following Definitions from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Western Australia are typical of those used across the states. 
Emergency Warning
You are in danger and you need to take immediate action to survive as you will be impacted by fire. An emergency warning may be supported with a siren sound called the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS).

Watch and Act
A fire is approaching and conditions are changing, you need to leave or prepare to actively defend to protect you and your family.

A fire has started but there is no immediate danger, this is general information to keep you informed and up to date with developments.

All Clear
The danger has passed and the fire is under control, but you need to remain vigilant in case the situation changes. It may still not be safe to return home.
Victoria uses an additional category of
An evacuation is recommended or procedures are in place to evacuate.
Fires - Bushfire emgergencies and alerts for each state
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