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To check for the latest on closed roads and road conditions in any area, see the state by state links to Road Conditions  These cover main roads only.  Many local roads are under the control of local Shires.   

After covering 13,550 kilometres across parts of Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and a little of north west Victoria, visiting mainly places we had not been before, we are home again. 
What did we see?  Until Travelogues are developed, see photos of the highlights on 2107 Trip - a brief summary.
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Latest from Kakadu - news and seasonal closures
Cahill's Crossing CLOSED 17th November 2017 and at 20th November was running at 1.9 metres and rising. Reduced water levels have periodically allowed high clearance 4wd vehicles to cross, but mostly access has remained CLOSEDUbirr is now inaccessible with water at 0.6 metres across Magella Creek and 0.4 S-Bends (9th January 2018). Features at Ubirr are now only open from 2 pm to sunset when the access road is open.   
Mamukala three kilometre Wetlands Walk is now CLOSED 9th December 2017, due to seasonal flooding.  The viewing platform is still accessible. 
Gunlom and Maguk are CLOSED due to flooding 22nd November 2017.  Old Jim Jim Road is also CLOSED.
Gunlom campground is CLOSED due to flooding (13th November 2017), with 4WD only access for day visitors. NOW CLOSED
Alligator Head is CLOSED due to seasonal flooding (23rd October 2017). 
Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge) will be closed from 4pm, 5th November 2017.  No further bookings are being issued in the interim. 
Twin Falls will be closed after the last boat shuttle from 4pm, November 2017.
Graveside Gorge will be closed from 4pm, 5th November 2017.
Jim Jim Falls will be closed from 4pm, 6th November 2017.
Updated 9th January 2018
Latest from Litchfield - seasonal closures
Litchfield National Park - Reynolds River 4WD track is now closed for the wet season. Recent rainfall in the area has caused dangerous conditions, including boggy sections of the track as well as the risk of flash flooding occurring in creek crossings with further rain events.

Reynolds River 4WD Track, including Blyth Homestead, Sandy Creek Falls and Surprise Creek falls campgrounds and designated swimming areas are now closed for the duration of the wet season. These visitor areas and 4WD track are expected to be reopened early in the 2018 dry season when conditions allow.
3rd November 2017 
Seasonal closures of Northern Territory Parks
Over the past weeks, rain has brought on more seasonal closures.  Other parts of the parks remain open.

Litchfield National Park

Walker Creek and Bamboo Creek are now CLOSED for the duration of the wet season. Recent heavy rainfall has caused the visitor areas to flood and has increased the likelihood that Estuarine Crocodiles may enter these areas undetected. It is expected that Walker Creek and Bamboo Creek will re-open to visitors in May.


Access to Lower Cascades is now CLOSED for the duration of the wet season. Upper Cascades remains open for swimming.Swimming at Wangi Falls is now CLOSED for the remainder of the wet season, for public safety due to strong currents and the likelihood that estuarine crocodiles may enter the area undetected.


Lower Finniss crossing, and Townsend Bridge on the Litchfield Park Road CLOSED.


Berry Springs Nature Park

In accordance with the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation By-Law 6 (1)(a), Berry Springs Nature Park will be CLOSED for swimming from 22 December 2017 for the duration of the wet season due public safety concerns relating to water quality. It is expected to reopen in May 2018, depending on weather conditions and satisfactory saltwater crocodile surveys.


Elsey National Park

In accordance with the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation By-Laws, section 6 - Access to parks and reserves, the River Side Walk will be CLOSED for the duration of the wet season. It is expected to reopen in May 2018, depending on the weather.


Bitter Springs is now CLOSED (8th January 2018) due to flooding, but may be re-opened later in the week subject to crocodile checks.


Nitmiluk National Park

This following sites at Nitmiluk National Park are now CLOSED due to weather conditions:

- Smitt Rock Walk

- Jawoyn Valley Walk

- Eighth Gorge

- Waleka Walk (Butterfly Gorge to 8th Gorge)

They are expected to reopen in April 2018, weather dependent.


The Leliyn Loop Walk, Plunge Pool and Upper Pool were closed due to flooding, and have RE-OPENED 9th January 2018.


The Northern side of the Loop walk is accessible for viewing the falls, but the Loop cannot be completed due to bridges flooding


Giwining / Flora River Nature Park

This Park and its road and facilities are now CLOSED to the public due to the onset of the wet season. Projected opening is planned for April / May 2018.


Channel Point Coastal Reserve

Channel Point Coastal Reserve is now CLOSED for the wet season. High rainfall at Channel Point has caused the Reserve road and Marindja Road (pictured) to be inundated with water in low lying areas. In the interest of public safety and to maintain the road's integrity, it will remain closed for the remainder of the wet season. It is expected to reopen in May 2018.


Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park

Cutta Cutta Caves are now CLOSED for the wet season, expected to reopen in April 2018.


Butterfly Gorge Nature Park, near Tjuwaliyan (Douglas) Hot SpringsCLOSED for the duration of the wet season. Expected opening June 2018, dependent on weather conditions.  


Keep River National Park access road is CLOSED due to flooding 8th January 2018.


Buchanan Highway is impassable due to flooding at Dashwood Crossing


Judbarra/Gregory National Park
Bullita Access Road, Victoria Gorge Access/Boat Ramp and Old Victoria Crossing are now closed for the wet season.


Updated 11th January 2018

Wet season closures in Western Australia

The Gibb River Road is OPEN, restricted to vehicles under 3 tonne from Blina turnoff (west end) to Mount Barnet.


CLOSED Mount Barnet to the Kalumburu turnoff


Restricted to vehicles under 3 tonne Kaumuburu turnoff to the Pentecost River 


Pentecost River to Great Northern Highway turnoff (east end) is CLOSED to all vehicles.


Kalumburu Road from Gibb River Road is CLOSED.


Roads in the area CLOSED to all traffic include:

Old Mornington Road

Old Fitzroy Crossing River Crossing

Lennard Gorge Road

Mount Hart Road

Silent Grove Road

Bell Gorge Road

Tablelands Road

Marion Downs Road

Mornington Road

Beverley Springs Road (access to Charnley River Station)

Geikie Gorge Road

Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road - Gibb River Road to Windjana Gorge

Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road - Windjana Gorge to Leopold Downs Road


Updated follow pre-cyclonic rain 9th January 2018

The North West Coastal Highway, Western Australia, was cloesed approximately 20 kilometres south of Nanutarra Roadhouse due to a fire from a truck collision involving a gas tanker 8:30 pm 8th January 2018.    
The Highway RE-OPENED around 1 pm 10th January 2018, with traffic management in place while the cleanup continues.  Expect delays and traffic congestion. 
With an impending cyclone off the coast in the vicinity of Derby and Broome, road closures due to flooding are expected through parts of the Kimberley and Pilbara regions. 
Late morning 9th January 2018, a road crash on the Great Northern Highway south of Kumarina Roadhouse closed this Highway between Kumarina and Meekatharra.  Later in the day, single lane traffic was proceeding under traffic management. 
Updated 10th January 2018
Progress on sealing the Outback Way 

Local work crews and contractors are working hard to roll out the $125 million into sealed sections along the Outback Way.  Sealing is underway but wet weather this summer has caused delays.


Shire of Laverton has sealed twenty kilometres and is working on the next twenty kilometres, then another ten kilometres so fifty kilometres in the Shire of Laverton section of the Great Central Road will be sealed by November 2018.


Boulia is spending $6.25 million on further seal.


Gem Tree to Harts Range seal is being completed.


Eight kilometres seal from Kata Tjuta towards Docker River is also being completed.


Docker River to WA border will also be sealed.


See previous report on this Outback Way sealing news.


Since 1997, The Outback Highway Development Council Inc has secured $230 million for the upgrade and sealing of the Outback Way.  This shortcut spans 2,700 kilometres. 1,300 kilometres has already been sealed and 1,400 kilometres upgraded to good formed gravel. The funding has enabled these upgrades as well as the progressive sealing. 1,600 kilometres is expected to be sealed by the year 2021.


The Outback Highway Development Council Inc will continue to secure further funding for the Outback Way sealing programme to ensure its completion by 2025/26.


This benefits not only tourists, but the communities that are accessed by the roads that form the Outback Way.


24th March 2018