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To check for the latest on closed roads and road conditions in any area, see the state by state links to Road Conditions  These cover main roads only.  Many local roads are under the control of local Shires.   

Latest from Kakadu
Gunlom OPEN for the season on from midday 16th May 2017, 4WD recommended. 
Updated 26th May 2017
Good news for visitors to Hancocks Lookout near Wilmington in South Australia 

Overlooking the Spencer Gulf with views across Port Augusta, and at night glows of light show many townships including Port Pirie and Whyalla in the viewing arc.


An eight kilometre track in from Horrocks Pass, turning off forty kilometres from Port Augusta and three kilometres from Wilmington takes you to this small but beautiful spot.


Two years ago the District Council of Mount Remarkable banned overnight stops at this popular lookout.


Thanks to the efforts of a Wilmington local, Dave Wingrove, who has campaigned strongly for restoration of this area for travellers to stay a while, a concession has been made by

council, who had passed the following:


That Council designate Hancocks Lookout for overnight free camping and fires in accordance with By-Law No.4 Local Government Land, for a trial period of six (6) months commencing at the end of the declared 2016 2017 fire ban season under the following conditions:

1. Camping is permitted for one (1) night only;

2. Camping is only permitted outside of the declared fire season and not on any declared fire ban day;

3. Any person lighting a campfire will be totally liable for any loss, damage or harm caused by the fire;

4. Campfires are subject to any ban, prohibition, restriction, or other requirement under the Fire and Emergency services Act 2005, the Native Vegetation Act 1991 or a prescribed act (clause 5(4) Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016).


This is limited access only in open fire season (which has this year commenced 1st May), overnight stays will be permitted during a six month trial period. There are no facilities, so you must be equipped for self sufficient camping. 


Visitors, please do not leave any rubbish, overstay, or give reason for this council to close the area to overnight stops for ever. 


We hope everyone will be considerate and follow the rules, so many travellers can stop overnight on their journey, and enjoy the sunsets and sunrises this place is well known for. 


Sunset and sunrise photos above. These photos were taken when we stopped in for lunch and to check out a mechanical problem when on our way to Melbourne to go to Tasmania back in 2006, before the overnight camping was closed. 


5th May 2017

tn_hancocks_sunrise_dsc01499.jpg tn_hancocks_sunset_dsc014961.jpg tn_hancocks_sunset_dsc01493.jpg
Yellow Water Car Park, Boat Ramp and Boardwalk now OPEN. A 4.5 tonne vehicle weight limit applies.
The Old Jim Jim Road (between Kakadu and Arnhem Highways) and 2 Mile Billabong are OPEN for 4wd only. 
Malabanjbanjdju tent and caravan areas and Burdulba Campground are OPEN.
Muirella and Merl campgrounds are OPEN.
Gubara Pools (day area only) is OPEN for 4wd. 
What is still closed?
Twin Falls
Red Lily Billabong, Bucket Billabong and Alligator Billabong
4 Mile Hole Billabong and West Alligator Head
Bilkbilkmi (Graveside Gorge)
Giyamungkurr (Black Jungle Springs)
Updated 10th June 2017

Red Lily, Bucket and Alligator Billabongs are now OPEN to High Clearance 4wd only 23rd June 2017
Garnamarr Camp Ground - OPEN for camping this afternoon as of the 16/06/2017, camping fees apply

Jim Jim Falls - OPEN as of 17/06/2017 at 8:30am to high clearance 4wd access only

Koolpin - Is now OPEN, permit access only.
Barrk Marlam Bush walk (to the top of Jim Jim Falls) - OPEN as of 17/06/2017 at 8:30am to high clearance 4wd access only

Guratba/Gimbat Day Use Area -  is now OPEN, 4WD recommended into this site
Updated 23rd June 2017

Maguk opened with 4wd access 25th May 2017
Once again the message of not going onto a closed Cahills Crossing has been ingnored.  See Vehicle washed off Cahill's Crossing and pictures of similar occurrences in this Photo gallery.  See more about previous mishaps on FacebookCahills Crossing is now OPEN for high clearance 4WD at low tide only at 5th May 2017. Water level at 0.4m at low tide.
Merl campground 1 at Ubirr is now OPEN, but hot showers are not available due to maintenance of solar panels (SUPERCEDED). 
After covering 13,550 kilometres across parts of Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and a little of north west Victoria, visiting mainly places we had not been before, we are home again. 
What did we see?  Until Travelogues are developed, see photos of the highlights on 2107 Trip - a brief summary.
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Prices have risen in Western Australia National Parks
Which fees have risen? 
As of 1st September 2017, there has been a small price rise in park camping park entry fees.  This includes rises in the cost of annual and holiday park passes. 
For the latest prices, see National Park Passes.
21st September 2017