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Snippets about Perth, Fremantle and Mandurah

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tn_south_perth_dscf7782.jpg tn_wesley_church_dscf7826.jpg tn_london_court_dscf7825.jpg tn_palace_hotel_dscf7827.jpg tn_fremantle_fishing_boat_harbour_dscf8557.jpg tn_fremantle_long_jetty_dscf8560.jpg tn_fremantle_prison_133308.jpg tn_fremantle_blue_hq_boat_stacking_dscf8569.jpg tn_fremantle_bon_scott_dscf8559.jpg tn_ferry_to_city_dscf7783.jpg tn_elizabeth_quay_to_cbd_dscf7809.jpg tn_esplanade_dscf7830.jpg tn_elizabeth_quay_footbridge__dscf7808.jpg tn_elizabeth_quay_footbridge_dscf7803.jpg
South Perth (above) has luxury apartments close to the river, just a ferry ride way from the central city.  The ferries (above right) go frequently between the mends Street Jetty, South Perth and the relatively new Elizabeth Quay (at right) which opened in January 2016.
This development includes a footbridge across the entrance to the ferry terminal and boat mooring area, as pat of a river foreshore walk trail (below and below right). 
The Bell Tower can be seen in the background at centre of the photo below right. This modern tower includes 18 Bells from St Martin in the Field church in central London, donated to the city of Perth in 1988. 
Old and new mix in the Perth Central Business District. Below left the Palace Hotel building (1897) is dwarfed by a sky scraper and the corner of St George's Terrace and William Street.
Below right, the Wesley Church, completed in 1870, holds steadfast on the corner of William and Hay Streets, between two towering tall buildings.   
Perth - a city on the edge of a wide body of water
The open roofed National Trust listed heritage London Court arcade (above left) is lined with small specialty shops, and runs between St George's Terrace and the Hay Street Mall.  The construction of London Court dates back to 1937, and it has four levels. 
Above right looks along The Espanade, a tree lined street with  fully enclosed pedestrian overpasses.   
Fremantle - the main port for Western Australia
Mandurah - once a holiday and retirement village, now the fastest growing centre in Australia (2011 census)
tn_mandurah_img_1774.jpg tn_mandurah_img_1775.jpg tn_mandurah_img_1776.jpg tn_mandurah_img_1777.jpg

The Boathouse at 16 Mews Road Fremantle


This large and dominating building is a relatively new and large building with under cover boat storage. 


The Boathouse is the first of its kind in Perth.  A fully undercover, enclosed dry boat storage facility and private marina located along Mews Road in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.


The Boathouse offers storage racks that are entirely undercover and completely enclosed. 


Lead singer of rock band ACDC from 1974 until his sudden death in 1980, Scott’s Fremantle connection is remembered with a statue of the singer at the Fishing Boat Harbour.  Bon Scott’s grave in Fremantle cemetery has been classified at a heritage place by the National Trust of Australia. 

Long Jetty was constructed at Bathers Beach Fremantle in 1873 as a boat loading facility at the port. With further extensions, by 1896 is was one mile long.  Following the construction of the Fremantle Harbour in 1897, the jetty was no long used for loading freight.  The jetty was demolished in 1920, leaving only piles showing at low tide.

At the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, the headquarters of Mermaid Marine Australia Ltd is the Endeavour Shed, the site where a replica of HMB Endeavour was constructed in 1993.  This accurately constructed replica of Captain James Cook’s sailing ship is housed at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney.  Members of the public can apply to be crew when the Endeavour sails. 

The first convict transport arrived at Fremantle 1850. The Convict Establishment, as the prison was first known, was built by convict labour between 1852 and 1859 using limestone quarried on the site. The first prisoners moved into the main cell block in 1855.


The Establishment was renamed Fremantle Prison in 1867. Transportation ceased the following year. Nearly 10,000 convicts passed through The Establishment between 1850 and 1868.


By 1886 less than 60 convicts remained inside a prison built to hold 1000 men. Fremantle Prison then became the colony’s primary place of confinement for men, women and juveniles.


Following a series of prisoner riots and growing concerns with prison conditions, a royal commission in 1983 recommended the Prison’s closure. Fremantle Prison is one of the largest surviving convict prisons in the world today.


Day time tours including an underground tunnel and waterways tour, and a torchlight night tour can be taken to see the prison and learn about the past. 
Source:Fremantle Prison

The City of Mandurah is along the Peel-Harvey Estuary, a large system of shallow estuarine and saline, brackish and freshwater lakes fed by the Murray, Serpentine, and Harvey rivers.


Tens of thousands of waterbirds, including large numbers of migrant shorebirds from the northern hemisphere, use the estuary and lakes each year. The greater wetlands are a RAMSAR site.  There are also thrombolites, a primitive life form similar to stromatolites.


The estuary covers some 136 km˛ and is the largest such system in South Western Australia. The estuary is approximately twice the size of Sydney Harbour.


The population of Mandurah was 83,931 in 2015. 


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Mandurah Community Museum  

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