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Binns Track – a four wheel drive adventure route through the Northern Territory

Bill Binns is a man who loves the bush, solitude and exploring. During his 32 year career with Northern Territory Parks, which saw him climb from ranger to executive director, he blazed the Binns Track.


Bill led countless wildlife rescue missions in the Northern Territory, negotiated joint management of parks between government and Aboriginal land owners and helped to establish several National Parks in the Northern Territory.


“This journey traverses some of the most untouched parts and unused Parks in the Territory and it highlights its changing vistas – from Australia’s sandy heart to the rugged outcrops of Gregory National Park and sub-tropics of the north.”


Bill is now a retired grandfather, who is devoted to spending time with his family, but ‘you can never take the bush out of the boy’ and he has one burning desire: “I’d love to be able to take my kids along the track.”

Opened in May 2008 and running from Mount Dare on the South Australian side of the border to Timber Creek almost 200 kilometres east of the Western Australian border, the track covers 2,191 kilometres and winds through many of the Northern Territory’s lesser known nature reserves and National Parks.


Most of the trek is on dirt roads; some requiring four wheel drive, and much of it not suitable for caravans; some areas not suited to off road caravans, although smaller off road camper trailers would cope.  By necessity, some of the journey is on the sealed Stuart Highway.  Most difficult parts can be bypassed by alternative routes before picking up on the Binns Track again.  


Link to a Binns Track travelogue.                   A rough map of the route.



Although we have not travelled this track in its entirety, we found ourselves on parts of it several times during our tours of the northern Territory in 2008 and 2009.  The route is well signed. 

Take the south east fork (signed) to the junction of the Ross River track and deviate north to N’Dhala Gorge, Ross River and north to meet the Ross Highway. 


Link to N'Dhala Nature Park


A side trip to Trephina Gorge a little to the west of the junction can be incorporated. 


Link to Trephina Gorge Nature Park


Head north east to Arltunga Historic Reserve. 


Link to Arltunga Historic Reserve


A side trip to Ruby Gap can be included before returning to the crossroads at Arltunga.


Link to Ruby Gap Nature Park


Head north west to Gemtree then east on the Plenty Highway continuing past Harts Range then taking the track north.  This meets the Sandover Highway on which the route turns west until the track northwards to the Davenport Ranges National Park.


Link to Gemtree


At the Davenport Ranges, the Frew River track can be taken (no trailers) as an alternative or additional drive.  Camping grounds at Old Police Station Waterhole and Whistleduck Creek.  There are small unserviced camp grounds along the Frew River track. 


Link to Davenport Range Park


Head north to Epenarra Station, then west to the Stuart Highway.  Continuing north from Epenarra to the Barkly Highway is no longer permitted. 


travasmtc2008042001.jpg tn_20elliot.jpg tn_2rossr.jpg tn_5rossr.jpg tn_6ndhala.jpg tn_8arltunga.jpg tn_9arltunga.jpg tn_10devils.jpg tn_11davenportpool.jpg tn_12davenportcorellas.jpg tn_13davenport.jpg tn_14davenportsunset.jpg tn_15davenport.jpg tn_16kurundird.jpg tn_17tennantmine.jpg tn_18tennanttelegraph.jpg tn_19churchillhead.jpg

Follow the Old Andado Track passing through the Mac Clark (Acacia Peuce) conservation Reserve



Leave Alice Springs via Ross River Highway east, with the option of visiting Emily and Jesse Gaps


Link to Emily and Jesse Gaps Park

tn_1emily.jpg tn_3rossr.jpg tn_7ndhala.jpg

From the south, commence full trip at Mt Dare Homestead on the edge of the Simpson Desert and travel north to Andado and Old Andado Station.  Link to Old Andado.


Link to Mac Clark Conservation Reserve


Continue to Alice Springs.


A short deviation south on the Stuart Highway can be taken to see the Devil’s Marbles.


Link to Devil's Marbles Conservation Reserve


Take the Stuart Highway north through Tennant Creek, visiting the Battery Hill Mining Centre.  


Link to Explore Tennant Creek


Continue north on the Stuart Highway passing Three Ways, Banka Banka Station (a popular green and grassy camp ground), Renner Springs, Elliot, Newcastle Waters and Dunmarra. There are lots of WWII historic sites along the Stuart Highway.


Take the Buchanan Highway west to Top Springs and Victoria River Downs Station then deviate west to the Gregory National Park, traversing via the old Bullita station ruins to Timber Creek on the Victoria Highway.


Link to Gregory National Park

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