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2. Epenarra Station to Barkly Homestead?
1. Fuel supplies along Gary Junction Road?
3. Can I take a camper trailer into Palm Valley?
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4. We wanted to know how many days we should spend at Carnarvon Gorge to see most of the sights.  I believe there is a very long walk, perhaps 12 -13 kilometre one way.  This would be beyond our capability.  I guess we could not do more than 10 kilometres a day.

6. How long does it take to see Kakadu?  Can we do it as a day trip from Darwin?  Should we go to Litchfield National Park instead? 

5. Do you need to book at caravan parks and how far ahead?  What if you donít like the park when you get there?

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7. Should I take my (middle of the range model) off road caravan on the Gibb River Road? 
8. The IsatPhonePro Satellite Phone on the Inmarsat is much cheaper than comparative phones on the Iridium network.  How good is the Inmarsat network?   At under $700 for purchasing the IsatPhonePro phone and $20 for prepaid calls with up to two years access, and calls to landlines $1.00 per minutes and $1.20 per minute to mobiles, it sounds like a good deal.  Is it? 

9. Where can we free or low cost camp on the WA Ningaloo coastline that is accessible with our large off road caravan?

10. Where can we camp along the Stuart Highway between Alice Springs and Darwin?

11. We have heard that alcohol canít be consumed in the Aboriginal lands around Hermannsburg etc. Is this true and does that mean that we canít pack ANY alcohol into our van for our trip to Darwin via Kingís Canyon and the Mereenie Loop?

12 Where can we camp between Mount Isa and Darwin?

13. I am visiting the Northern Territory and am in the process of booking some day tours.  Many of the tours have a cost that I need to pay on the day for National Park fees of $25.00. 
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14. We are planning to cross the Nullarbor east to west.  Will I need to carry extra fuel?  When is the best time of year to avoid headwinds?  What about safety? 
15. Washing Machines for caravans - what are the options?

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16. What do I require to stay at a campground signed ďSelf Contained OnlyĒ?
17. Which is the best route to take from Sydney to Broome?
18. Can you just sleep in a car park or on the side of the road in a small Toyota Hiace or similar campervan?
19.  Cleaning caravan water tanks
20.  Do you take your television off the bracket for travel?

21.  Travelling the Tanami Ė where to get fuel?

22.  Can we/should we take our 2010 Jayco Eagle Outback along the Broome-Cape Leveque?

23.  Permits required to travel Cape York Peninsula

24.  What are the distances between fuel stations on the Stuart Highway between Port Augusta and Darwin?

25.  How much extra fuel will I need to carry to travel around Australia?  My tow vehicle only has a 75 litre fuel tank. 

26.  Visiting Chamber's Pillar with a Prado and tent

28.  West Macdonnells and on to Kings Canyon on the short cut (Mereenie Loop).    

27.  We are going to the Cape.  Where canít we carry alcohol in northern Queensland?

Bringing you answers to more questions soon which will cover:

What can a 1 kva generator run?   What can a 2 kva generator run?


What is average cost of caravan sites in Australia?  Do they all charge extra for children? 


Which first aid kit? 



29.   Where can we camp between Katherine to Kununurra?  Can we purchase fuel between these towns?

30.   What is the best route from the Sunshine Coast to Broome with an off road caravan?

31. Doing the Gibb River Road.  How far will I need to travel between fuel outlets? 

32. Great Central Road west to east; where to camp and where to buy fuel

33. Can I get one pass to visit all National Parks in Australia?

35  Is there a directory of showgrounds that offer camping?  What can I expect at a showground?

36 How far is it around Australia?

37 Camping around Esperance and along the coast to Albany

38 Do I need Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle signs?  Should I fit the red and yellow Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle signs (stickers) to my caravan?

34 Where to stay to visit Kings Canyon - Kings Canyon Resort or Kings Creek Station?

39 How much money do I need to travel around Australia in a caravan?
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40 How to contain water from an external shower?
41 Where canít I use my drone?  What are the laws?

42 Where can I find free camping in Darwin?

43 Where can I see a Pink Lake in Australia?

44a Do I need a UHF radio to travel around Australia?

44b Which channel should I use when caravanning?    Arenít caravanners supposed to use 18?

44c Is 40 channel CB radio being discontinued?

45 How far between fuel outlets on the Savannah Way?  What are the best tings to see?
46 Do you need a big fridge to go camping in Australia? Can you manage without a fridge at all?
47 Where to go in Western Australia when the heat is on? 
48  Where can we find free or cheap camping in Alice Springs? 

49  I am going to the Broken Heel Festival in Broken Hill early September and am looking for  cheap camping.