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Q31 Doing the Gibb River Road.  How far will I need to travel between fuel outlets? 

A.  The Gibb River Road spans a distance of 651 kilometres from the start seven kilometres south of Derby to the other end of the road at the junction with the Great Northern Highway 48 kilometres south of Wyndham.


The furthest distance between fuel outlets is between Mount Barnett Roadhouse and El Questro Village at 330 kilometres.  


Gibb River Road fuel outlets


Good news:  11th May 2016, after closing March 2015, Imintji Roadhouse and store and now RE-OPENED.  Diesel fuel only, no ULP.  A campground with hot showers will be opening soon. 


Basic mechanical services and supplies, new tyres and tyre repairs are available from Over The Range Tyre & Mechanical Repairs approximately 26 kilometres south west of Mount Barnett Roadhouse.


Derby to Mount Barnett Roadhouse is 306 kilometres.  Mount Barnett sells diesel and unleaded petrol. Takeaways and basic foods can be purchased. 


Mount Barnett Roadhouse to El Questro turnoff is 314 kilometres, then a further 16 kilometres into the village.  El Questro is a tourist venue with a variety of accommodation options, tours and drives. The shop sells basic supplies and has a fuel outlet selling diesel and unleaded petrol. 


On the Kalumburu Road, Drysdale River Station 63 kilometres north of the Gibb River Road sells diesel and unleaded petrol, has a bar and restaurant, shop with basic supplies, tyre service repair and sales, camping and accommodation, and flights over Mitchell Falls leave from the station airstrip. 


Kalumburu is 266 kilometres north of the Gibb River Road and has a fuel outlet, takeaway food and a grocery store.  There is camping in town and out of town at McGowans Island and Honeymoon Bay.   


None of the Gibb River Road fuel outlets sell Autogas. 


The Kalumburu Road (not shown on map)


Junction to Drysdale River Station                          63

Drysdale River Station to Mitchell Plateau Junction   98

Mitchell Plateau Junction to Kalumburu                  105



Mitchell Falls carpark and helipad is 85 kilometres

from the Kalumburu Road


If you are doing a full loop one way via the

Great Northern Highway 


Derby to Great Northern Highway                           43

Derby Highway to Fitzroy Crossing                       217}

Fitzroy Crossing to Halls Creek                            295}

Halls Creek to Warmun                                        161}

Warmun to Great Northern Highway Junction         151}  824

Great Northern Highway Junction to Kununurra        43                                                                         



Great Northern Highway Junction to Wyndham        52


If visiting Broome


Broome to Roebuck Plains Roadhouse                  43

Roebuck Plains Roadhouse to Derby Highway      145



There are fuel outlets at Broome, Roebuck Roadhouse, Willare Bridge, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek, Warmun, Wyndham and Kununurra. The greatest distance between fuel outlets on the Great Northern Highway is 295 kilometres between Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek. 


Fuel prices can be checked on Fuel Watch WA for the towns of Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Kununurra.  Other remote areas and out of town roadhouses and stations do not get listed on Fuel Watch.  Fuel at Wyndham is traditionally cheaper than at Kununurra. 


Distances are approximate and taken from maps

Where did we stay?


We chose Windjana and Silent Grove National Parks campgrounds. We did stay at Charnley River for a couple of days - our only Station Stay. We had two nights at Manning Gorge (Mount Barnett). Two nights at Drysdale River Station to catch up on the laundry. Three nights at King Edward River camp (my favourite). Leaving the caravan we took camping gear up to Mitchell Falls car park/camping but had enough daylight left after our long day to return to base. We went on and spent three nights at McGowan's Island camp Kalumburu, another night at King Edward River campground just to enjoy it, and a night at Drysdale again. We bush camped before getting to El Questro to maximise time there (Home Valley was shut for renovations) and three nights at El Questro with very full days to see most of the very best.


Our travelogues outline what we saw and did during our three and a half week tour  Gibb River Road tour.
Places we didnít see include Lennard River Gorge, Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge, Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary, Ellenbrae Station, Mount Elizabeth Station, Home Valley Station, a number of the walks and drives on El Questro, and a four wheel drive loop drive around the Cockburn Ranges.


Gibb River Road station (and former station) stays can be seen on Gibb River Road Accommodation.    


tn_emmagorgewalkturquoise.jpg tn_geikiegorgewalls.jpg tn_gibbriverroadtocockburnras.jpg tn_charnleyswim.jpg tn_drysdalecamping.jpg asm2clinks019005.jpg

What did we see and where did we stay on the Great Northern Highway?


Geikie Gorge at Fitzroy Crossing and Purnululu National Parks were the highlights, and can be seen in our travelogues.  We stayed at Halls Creek Caravan Park, and at the National Parks campgrounds within Purnululu.  Other stops were unserviced bush camping.  Allow two days travelling time plus sightseeing time for the Great Northern Highway leg.  We stayed at caravan parks at Derby, Wyndham and Kununurra before and after the Gibb River Road adventure. 

 June 2014 and updated May 2016

Derby to Western start of the Gibb River Road                                                               7

Western start of the Gibb River Road to Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road #                      119

Junction Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road to Imintji Roadhouse                                      103

Imintji Roadhouse to Mount Barnett Roadhouse                                                            78

Mount Barnett Roadhouse to junction Kalumburu Road                                               107  

Junction Kalumburu Road to El Questro turnoff                                                           207

The road into El Questro Village is 16 kilometres

El Questro turnoff to junction Gibb River Road and Great Northern Highway                      36

Junction of Great Northern Highway with Victoria Highway is 8 kilometres south of the Gibb River Road

Junction Gibb River Road to Warmun (formerly Turkey Creek)                                        159

Warmun to Spring Creek Road turnoff to Purnululu (Bungle Bungle Range)                       53

Spring Creek Road turnoff to Halls Creek                                                                     108

Halls Creek to Fitzroy Crossing                                                                                   295

Fitzroy Crossing to junction Leopold Downs Road #                                                         38

Junction Leopold Downs Road to junction Great Northern Highway and Derby Highway     179

Junction Great Northern Highway and Derby Highway to Willare Bridge Roadhouse            14


# The 125 kilometre long Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road goes to Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek and through to the Great Northern Highway 38 kilometres west of Fitzroy Crossing. 

See Q7 Taking an off road caravan on the Gibb River Road  


For hints on driving on the Gibb River Road and other outback roads, download the Main Roads WA pamphlet "Driving the Gibb River Road"

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Since changes to Google mapping formats, alphabetical flags are no longer able to be used on this map, so distances have been superimposed on a copy hereunder, as well as listed below.  The previously linked Google Map for The Gibb River Roadno longer works.

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